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Solar Electricity
Photovoltaic (PV) systems produce electricity when light shines on them. PV systems consist of PV modules (solar electric panels), inverters, and mounting systems. Redwood Sun designs and installs PV systems to meet your specific energy needs, whether commercial or residential, on-grid or off-grid.


Peak Load Shifting or Back Up Power
The most cost effective use of Battery Storage Systems is demand charge avoidance with commercial utility rate schedules. In residential applications, Battery Storage Systems with Time of Use (TOU) metering enable you to buy power when rates are low and avoid buying power when rates are high, saving significant amounts on your utility bill.

Battery Storage Systems can also provide backup power if you have critical loads that cannot go without power during utility outages.


Electric Vehicle Charging
EV Charging Stations charge your electric cars, trucks or vans. Redwood Sun installs EV chargers that will charge any commercially available electric vehicle in North America. We can install them in your garage, parking lot, or even so that you can charge your car at the curb in front of your house.

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